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Boomea is a business-driven chat application, available across multiple platforms, built from the ground up with Unified Communication in mind. Bringing people and teams together with the ability to chat anytime, anywhere, Boomea provides that often missing chat integration to your business. Ever had to work remotely and the only convenient way to talk to your team would be to call them? Now, you can simply open the Boomea app to chat with your co-workers. With the seamless, easy-to-use ability to send photos, videos, and any other file type, you can feel confident that you’ll be prepared in any situation.

With the ability create groups, you can message your entire team at once, or just send a chat message to people directly. Whatever you wish to accomplish, Boomea provides you with the power of a text message, without the carrier’s cost*, and without having to share your personal phone number with people.

Share in the success of your business with this new way to connect. Communication is key, and Boomea is here to prove that!

Create custom channels
Group friends and co workers together
Share photos, videos, and documents.
Mobile push notification
Personalization options (custom avatar, notification settings, etc.)

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Per Line: Call anywhere in USA and Canada, 

receive voice and fax on your line,

voicemail, intercom, paging, call transfer and call forwarding. Make office calls from your cell phone. Take your office on the road with VoIP service and have employees work from home.


 $34.95 per line


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