Wireless internet technology 


Many breakthroughs in technology have taken place over the last few years which has increased the demand for faster internet speeds. Due to this demand, Blue Communications is meeting the challenge by offering faster speeds at lower rates.


Businesses are migrating many of their key applications to the “cloud”, creating the need for uninterrupted access to online CRM, EMR, or basic office functions. Having sufficient cost-effective bandwidth for peak usage times is a necessity. Blue Communications' robust network is ideally suited for guaranteed access through its 100% diverse to the wired infrastructure and bandwidth scalable architecture. Coupled with minimal build-out costs, Blue Communications' business internet ensures that our customers have access to bandwidth when needed.


Fixed wireless uses multiple types of technology to deliver state-of-the-art service. 


The internet starts from fiber, then to Ethernet, then fixed wireless, and then back to Ethernet at your location. There is a short distance of fixed wireless equipment to your business. 


The advantages of using fixed wireless: there are no surcharges or taxes. We are able to avoid loop charges and pass the savings on to you.  


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Fixed Wireless Advantages


  1. Rapid Installations 
    Within 3-5 business days, compared to several weeks or months for a typical T-1 line or fiber connections.
  2. Cost-Efficient
    Compared to a traditional T1 or fiber connection, fixed wireless is very cost-efficient. 
  3. Redundancy
    We offer a redundant connection, which serves well for businesses that have a wired connection. This is a very good redundant service because it is totally separate from the wired T-1 over telephone lines or fiber.
  4. Speed
    Today, we now offer speeds that were not possible years ago. We can now offer from 1.5 Mbps to over 1,000 Mbps or 1 Gig of Internet speed.  


Temporary internet solutions

Having an event? We offer temporary solutions where the need is for less than a year.  From one day to six months, we offer high speed internet to meet your demands.  




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Blue Communications
Feature Rich Introducing the New Cisco VOIP Phone
Polycom VVX500 with Camera Polycom VVX600 with CAMERA
Polycom VVX410 Free with Phone Service


Per Line: Call anywhere in USA and Canada, 

receive voice and fax on your line,

voicemail, intercom, paging, call transfer and call forwarding. Make office calls from your cell phone. Take your office on the road with VoIP service and have employees work from home.


 $34.95 per line


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