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The cost of upgrading desktop computers continues to escalate. IT administrators are under a lot of pressure in today’s corporate infrastructure to keep up with constant changing technologies. It’s challenging to manage multiple desktops, laptops, tablets and even smart phones.  How do you streamline all of them and provide easy access to everyone? Virtual Desktop. Virtual Desktop allows you to have centralized control over of all your corporate desktops to handheld devices. Deployment of virtual desktops is lightning fast as opposed to using imaging technology or other antiquated technologies. Virtual Desktop allows IT to manage desktops whether across the country or around the globe -- all from one data center.

Virtual Desktop provides a solution that is the best of both worlds. From the technical side, the centralized hosting of cloud desktops streamlines IT’s workload by giving them the ability to remotely manage and maintain equipment. At the same time, the PC or mobile device user gets a desktop that is always-on, available from everywhere and always the same look and feel. When both IT and end-users can realize the benefit of simplicity and consistency business growth is soon to follow.

Blue Communication’s desktop cloud platform allows enterprises to benefit from a cloud-based desktop environment without being burdened with the large upfront capital expenditures of traditional solutions. 


Security is a key factor in implementing Virtual Desktop, you have greater control securing your desktop. You can secure the image from external devices or prevent copying from the image to your local machine. If the device is stolen or damage the information is protected.Remote users benefit as sensitive information is stored on the server at the data center and not the device.

Benefits of Virtual Desktop

  • Virtual Desktop has the ability to function on any web-connected device.

  • In the virtual scenario, software operates in the cloud. No need to purchase software for each or even multiple workstations. Licensing is part of your Virtual Desktop solution.

  • Virtual Desktop allows you to add or remove seats as needed.

  • The hard drives on desktops leaves one open too many downfalls, i.e. crashes,   virus attacks and the other downfalls of the traditional physical desktop become less disruptive with a cloud-based desktop.

  • While our virtual desktop is in the cloud its platform is Windows-based, access is possible across numerous operating systems and device types.

  •  Around the clock access and availability.









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